Hi people!

I know we have announced our return more than a year ago. Well, that moment has eventually arrived.

In a couple of weeks, the 30th of November 2015 to be precise, “Melancholy EP” by Neg will be released. It will be exclusively available on Beatport for two weeks, before appearing on all the other digital stores you can think of.

In the next days the usual in-house review will pop up among the others in the “Discography” of our website.


Pech, Neg and Ghianda

Technowagon is back in business

Hi fellas!

It’s with great excitment that we are now announcing a new release for our loved Technowagon.

It was the end of 2010 (we’re serious!) when Neg was conceiving the main track of this release. We won’t tell you which one it is yet though, you need to wait a little more. Anyway, this track was then joined by two sisters (or brothers, up to you) that make a three-songs pack with which Neg is going to come back to you.

We will soon give you some more details. For the moment, spread the good news!

Pech, Neg and Ghianda

Frozen summer

Hi there,

we are not very happy of announcing that, because of grave personal issues within the Technowagon crew, projects are frozen for the moment.

Anyway, we have a lot of ideas in mind, and lots of things that were already going on.
So, do not desperate, we will be back sooner than you might think!

Pech // toomanyworlds

We are hungry for physics. Are you?

The year is going to an end and we are going to release a three-tracks EP by Furtherset. The second one on Technowagon for him.

If you liked Old Quantum Theory, this will be really interesting for you. Tommaso, again stuck in advanced hypersurfaces, proposes to us two fresh tracks and a solid drone.

He couldn’t wait until the 31st of December (the release date, 2 weeks of exclusive on Beatport) and he uploaded a preview of the EP on soundcloud (here below you can find the player). So, you can have a taste of what we are talking about.

THW podcasts are going to overwhelm you

It seems that our podcast series is having a new dawn.

We are glad to present an our close friend Giesse under his alias Otolith (fb page). He produced for us a very interesting ambient podcast that we’ve really enjoyed.

You can find very often Giesse playing records at Serendipity in Foligno (IT). If you cannot reach Foligno, you should give a further look at this podcas. Pick up your headphones and start to cook, or simply to look at what is surrounding you and think about what you want. Trust us. Have fun.